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  • Evoking a sense of tranquility and connection to nature.
  • Neutral tones infuse the palette, echoing earthy hues of the natural world. Within this serene setting, a stream meanders through the landscape, symbolizing the flow of life and the harmony between man-made structures and the environment.
  • Framed with a clean, sleek design in a neutral tone.  Could complement the overall aesthetic beautifully, enhancing its understated elegance and allowing the artwork to be the focal point of any space.

Minimilast room picture Aura

  • Small Prints:

    8" x 10" - $25.00

    Medium Prints:

    11" x 14" - $50.00

    16" x 20" - $60.00

    Large Prints:

    20" x 24" - $75.00

    24" x 36" - $85.00

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